Yoga Bowen day – with Maxine Mathews and Natalie Lang


On Sunday 15th October 2017 Myself a Bowen Practitioner and Maxine, a Scaravelli inspired teacher, led a yoga- Bowen day at the Yoga Tree in Norwich.

The day was fully subscribed, which I think was a combination of curiosity and Maxine’s skill and experience as a yoga teacher. We started to cook up the idea for the day, after I approached her about the possibility of combining our skills? In my clinic I have many clients who are unable to relax and fully let go. I would describe them as ‘hypervigulant.’ In chronic states of high stress, which creates an inability to switch of from ‘doing’. This unconscious state of holding, develops a restrictive pattern in the body and an anticipatory nature in the musculature, resulting in an exhausting impact on their immune system. Author, Dr Gabour Mate in his book when the body says no recognizes the interconnection between the hormonal system and the brain centres, and the interconnection of hormonal emotional centres  with the immune and the nervous system. His research reveals that we need to keep these functions within safe limits and find ways to return the body to a safe and balanced homeostasis. So on this bases we stared to  devise a day that could be a way into ‘slowing down’ giving enough time to develop an awareness and feel and experience where movement is initiated? How much effort does one need to make, in order to make movement, or can we just be like a fern leaf, opening with the effortlessness of our deepest knowing?


We went into the day not really knowing how our attendees would respond to the mix of Bowen and Yoga. Many of them hadn’t heard of Bowen, so it was a good opportunity to introduce it. With such a big class it was impossible to use it in a treatment context as I would have had to make more in-depth inquiry and assessment on each person. (although I was aware of any health issues that were present) So for the day, I introduced the Bowen, more as a tool of orientation and inquiry… a medium to ‘slow down’, in-order to experiences any patterns of restriction that might arise into awareness.


Maxine and I would like to say a big thank you to all those who put their trust in us for the day, and their feed back has been essential to help us to see what worked and what didn’t. One of the participants said ” It was not what I expected, but it was exactly what  what I needed.” Maxine and  will use all the feed back given to develop another day, and maybe even have enough material to offer a retreat?

For anyone interested in our next Yoga-Bowen day…. (we hope to offer another day in January 2018) please contact me via my website.

Go well.


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