I am a fully registered member of the Bowen Association UK, practicing in Norwich Norfolk NR2. I have been trained by John Wilks in the Bowen Technique, graduating in 2003. Gaining *Special Bowen Procedures 1 -2008 and **Special Bowen Procedures 2 -2011 with Ossie and Elaine Rentsch. Every year  I am required to undertake 16 hours of continual professional development  which keeps me in touch with new developments and ways of working. I have undertaken training in physiology and anatomy . I hold an up-to-date first aid certificate as well as being fully insured through Holistic Insurance.

Over the last 13 years I have had the advantage of working with lots of different conditions and situations, from births to deaths. All my previous clients have taught me something new about the body. It has been a great privilege and advantage to have such willing clients, those open to share responses and reactions help me to grow my listening skills, so that I can treat with clarity, care and precision.

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Although I will continue to see clients in my clinic, my practice has started to develop towards using Bowen in a Palliative Care context. It came to me as a natural development after my experience as a volunteer with a local Hospice, coupling together with how efficient and useful Bowen is in relation to stress. to help me develop the appropriate skills, in September 2015 I completed a Palliative Care Course : ‘Role of the Bowen therapist’ with Helen Mary Perkins. This is what she states:

“Bowen therapy can provide wide-ranging benefits to people receiving end-of-life care  and is an appropriate treatment when working in these sensitive circumstances”.

My practice has recently moved, and I am now based on Heigham Grove, NR2 3DH. Norwich.


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Treatment room. A warm, comfortable environment.