Clinic hours & Prices

Bowen clinic appointment times.

Please note, the clinic will be closed from July 30th for a week. I will get back to any inquires by 6th August.

Monday evening appointment –  6.15pm/ 7.30pm

Wednesday – 1.30pm/2.45pm/4pm/6.15pm/7.30pm

Thursday – 10.30am/11.45am/1.30pm/2.45pm/4pm/6.15pm/7.30pm

Friday – 10.30am/11.45am/1.30pm/2.45pm/4pm


1st Bowen Treatment + Consultation  1 1/2 hr £57

Follow up treatment 1 hour  : £45

Children £20

Please note that 24 hours cancellation is required. £45 will be charged.

“Less is more”