SAGE & THYME- Foundation level workshop.

SAGE & THYME- Foundation level workshop – Listening and responding to people who are worried or distressed.

Being a Volunteer not only gives you back an indescribable amount of satisfaction, it also means that you become a highly valued part of the team.  When you become a Volunteer with Priscilla Bacon Lodge in Norwich, a palliative care hospice, you receive in-depth training which supports you and grows your confidence making sure you can deal appropriately with very difficult situations that may arise. As part of this in -depth training I was offered to attend the sage and thyme foundation level workshop. This particular workshop is offered to all employees in the palliative care sector, so not only was it a good opportunity to meet with other volunteers, but with community nurses, health care assistants and research fellows.

How do we notice distress? How do we respond? what can you do about it?

All these pertinent questions were put to us and we applied them to the model…

Setting – Appropriate?           SAGE & THYME- Foundation level workshop. cert

Ask – Can I ask you…..?

Gather- Is there anything else?

Empathy -I can hear that….

Talk – Do you have someone…?

Help – How do they help you…?

You – What do you think would help….?

Me – Is there something I can….?

End- Can we leave it there..?

The delivery was fun and thought provoking, with role play and sharing of  ideas that help us to understand the model that can be used as a focused support when dealing with someone in distress.



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