Bowen Technique and Parkinson’s Disease

A new client came to me who had recently  been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. It is the first time I have treated someone with a Parkinson’s diagnosis, which is surprising as it seems Bowen is very well thought of as a complementary treatment for those with Parkinson’s.

On a recent visit to her neurologist, her husband picked up a booklet that was in the waiting room… ( when flagging up the booklet, her neurologist seemed to know nothing about what the booklet contained, let alone what Bowen was… My client had to educate her)

img_6802Both she and I were surprised and delighted to see Bowen included amongst a plethora of other therapies to help Parkinsonian sufferers manage their symptoms. With encouraging testimonials :

“I have been having Bowen technique fortnightly for about 18 months. I find it very relaxing ad, after several days, it gives me relief from the stiffness and soreness. I can speak openly and without pressure from the therapist. The pain does return but I look forward to the next session”

My client was led to finding a Bowen therapist near her, by reading John Colman’s book Stop Parkin’ and start livin’. It’s described as :


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