As a Bowen Practitioner registered with the Bowen Association UK, I am required to for fill a yearly continuous training program, in order to be a Full member. Last year I chose to attend a Meta-Bowen course in Dorset hosted by Joanne Figov (Bowen Trainer) Annie Gedye (Meta-Health) together they developed the course to……

 “Offer a bridge between different modalities so we can all work together more effectively”.

Below is an explanation of Meta as described on the Meta-Health Website:


META-Health 101 – The Foundation

The word META comes from the ancient Greek and means ‘beyond’, which is really how we see META-Health – as a system of healthcare and personal development which is a step beyond the current system available. So what does it mean to be META-Healthy? One definition from MHU founder Johannes R. Fisslinger is that to be META-Healthy means that you are aware of your bodies intelligence, you know what your stress triggers (or buttons!) are and you understand which emotions and beliefs are affecting your symptoms.

Being META-Healthy goes even deeper than this though.

It means taking conscious actions towards self-healing based on this understanding so that health become a person growth issue. The truth is that we can’t really separate our health issues from who we really are. Even though as a practitioner you may be mostly interested in META-Health as a healing paradigm, META-Health can be for everyone, not just those with a ‘condition’ but anyone who wants to evolve consciously and express more of their potential.

So how can Meta and Bowen complement each other in practice? Essentially Bowen is a non diagnostic modality, what we see we treat. For some clients, they carry patterns that are deeply embedded in their systems which result in symptoms, and this can cause a block to healing. Unresolved trauma that sits in the body can be the root of unhealthy patterns. If a client is aware of their patterns, and how they manifest as symptoms, they can embody this knowledge and use it as a vital tool to initiate change. Then we as Bowen Therapists can create a meaning full partnership to help facilitate that change, aid personal growth and restore a return to health.

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