A Testimonial from a client…..

It’s so good to hear how Bowen can transform pain into free flowing movement….
I fractured my femur in 2014 requiring screws to repair it .  The screws had to be removed as they were hindering the knee movement .  I thought this would cure the problem but it just created a new set of movement issues. I had Bowen therapy previously for shoulder injury and that worked so I thought it might work again .
I went to see Natalie and discovered I had many posture irregularities which was probably due to limping for 2 years. Over the past few months the sessions have corrected most of these issues and I’m delighted to report that I no longer limp or have a painful, unpredictable knee.
I would encourage anyone who wants to live in a comfortable body to give Bowen therapy a try .
Thank you so very much Natalie .

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