For me personally I have always experienced a Bowen treatment as an efficient conduit for mind body connection.



Distortion of our health and belief systems arise when we are unable to conquer and heal from past trauma wounds, both physical and emotional. At the time of trauma, it can appear as though the healing is done fairly quickly and one can “get on” “move forward” and this can indeed be true, but wounds leave a scar ,and the scar whether it is psychic or physical, illustrates the loss of connection, the fracture that can change the direction we were traveling, resulting in the often unconscious setting up unhealthy habitual patterbodybrainbehavior-colorns.

Bowen Technique offers a kind and resourceful way of softening the scars of past wounds and re-awaking  connection in the body. We may carry and discover layer upon layer of unhealthy patterning that may have accumulated over the years. It becomes harmful to our health, resulting in physical pain and complications. In my own experience the unconscious burying of pain became a way of forgetting, but as I aged and had children of my own I began to experience that this act of ‘forgetting’ was a reaction to not wanting to ‘remember’. In fact it became a way of storing events in my body, and I was “stuck”. I had unknowingly blocked the natural flow of energy and information that my body needed to restore and heal.

In order to understand the more complex dysfunctions that occur in the body as a result of energetic disruption, for my CPD this year, I have chosen to attend a weekend workshop in Bowen-meta health presented by Joanne Figov & Annie Gedye (Bowen Therapist & META-Health Master Practitioner & Trainer) 15th-16th October.

On these two days we will be exploring META-Health and combining that knowledge with
Bowen towards a new level of health awareness. META-Health is the Art and Science of Self Healing, showing how you can heal yourself using medically proven knowledge
which explains the connections between our body/mind/social aspects, giving you deeper insights into the cause of illness, and how to self-heal. META-Health explains the connection between the organ tissues/beliefs/thoughts and emotions that result in illness.

I am really looking forward to learning more about META and improving my skills to help my clients.

 * if you can relate to any of the information above, I would always suggest that you seek   the guidance of a good therapist.

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