Art of Bowen- with Alastair McLoughlin

Artof bowen Certificate

Last weekend, I was very lucky to be able to attend Alastair Mcloughlin’s course ‘The Art of Bowen’ As a full member of BTAA, I am required to ecru 16 hours a year, as part of a continuous training programme.

For me, training weekends are a good way to brush away any metaphorical cobwebs that might be present in my practice, open to new ideas, refresh regularly used procedures, meet, connect and share ideas and experiences with some lovely folk.

Alistair’s course asks us, as practitioners, to go beyond the ‘procedures’ and to ‘think out of the box’ and in fact realise that there is no box. He explained how the technique Tom Bowen developed, had an ‘art’ to it. “There was an art to what he did” Romney Smeeton.

Like other teachers I have enjoyed training with, John Wilks  and Kelly Clancy, Alistair base’s his ‘Art of Bowen’ teaching on three elements, Assessment, Correction and Confirmation. By assessing the body via feeling, scanning with your dominant hand, (learning to trust what you feel) detecting for heat (inflammation) or coolness (deficiency) in the tissue, observing and sensing resistance in joints, and using palpation to locate tissue tension. You use what you have felt in the assessment to guide how to craft and proceed with the treatment.

During treatment Alistair asks us to ‘feel’ and observe for correction and then return to the area for confirmation. This targeted way of working proves to be a very efficient way of helping the client find ease in their structure, as it gets straight to the center of tension/restriction, creating a quick release and a ‘less is more’ approach.

As with any good course, it challenged the paradigm and provided a view from another angle. Alastair has spent the last 25yrs of his Bowen profession asking questions… if it works, why does it work? and if it doesn’t, find out why it doesn’t. Through his vigorous curiosity he has developed and refined targeted applications, that result in sometimes instant relief for the client.

I feel excited to have some new tools to add to my tool kit and look forward to doing part two!

Thank you Alistair





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