Bowen Therapy – A personal account

Bowen Therapy – A personal account.

In February 2018, I fell heavily onto my right shoulder, breaking my upper humerus in two places and stretching the shoulder joint somewhat, but not dislocating it. The NHS and Physiotherapist did their bits well and speedily and I was warned about the length of time recovery would take. It was also suggested, in view of my age, that movement would not be as good as it was before. I thought I could handle it.

For the first six weeks I followed advice except that the analgesia I was advised to take did little to alleviate my pain and had unwanted side effects, so apart from the occasional panadol, I didn’t use them. When my sling came off, things got worse. Every movement of my right arm was painful and sleep was constantly disturbed. My spirits sank and I fell into a dark place for a while, feeling as though I’d never be right again. It was at this point I sought help. My instinct led me to be kind to my broken bit and try to help my body – not be angry with it.

This is when I found and contacted Natalie Lang. I wasn’t sure that the Bowen therapy would be suitable in my situation but Natalie thought it may help.

The first session was a turning point for me – the treatment was tailored to my condition and did not cause me pain. The most important outcomes for me on that occasion was the confidence and calm that came to me. I felt I was on the path to recovery and that healing was possible. Subsequent sessions were adapted to my changing condition and each one left me feeling different and a step further on. I learned to listen to my body more and to work with it, with kindness.

From my first visit, I learned to exercise my body gently and regularly. Gradually my range of movement increased and the pain diminished. Sleep returned quickly and was a boon. I’m learning still. My body is somewhat tense and awkward and I hope to continue learning how to look after it better. It’s never too late, I am 70 years old and very thankful I found such a wise therapist.

Sue Lake.

13th September 2018

PS My pain is gone and full movement is 98% restored.

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