Yoga-Bowen Day. 28th October 2018

A Collaborative Day of Yoga & Bowen Technique


Maxine Matthews – Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Teacher with 18 years teaching experience


Natalie Lang – Bowen Practitioner with 14 years professional practice


In this third workshop Maxine & Natalie will be offering an opportunity to explore, through Yoga & Bowen Technique, ‘what it means to be grounded’. Working from the feet upwards, the day will focus on restriction verses ease and support verses tension.

Venue: The Yoga Tree, All Saint’s Green, Norwich NR1 3NB

Date: Sunday 28th October 2018

Time: 10.30am – 4.30pm

Cost: £45. Early bird £40 (if booked by 28th Sept.)

To Book:  contact or


Maxine and Natalie have brought together their practices to devise a day of enquiry and insight to aid movement and melt away restriction.

Our philosophy– There is no need to try and fix the body, but simply to bring awareness to what harms us or restricts natural movement, creating opportunity for change in the body.

We have devised this workshop to focus on bringing awareness to our contact with the earth, to draw on its constant support and how it can offer both rest and expansion. There will also be subtle (optional) application of Bowen Technique, and some breath awareness practice.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing and either bring lunch with you or there are other options in the area.

This workshop is relevant for new comers, and for those who have attended previous days, as a continuation.

For more information about Maxine or Natalie please go to


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