Reflections for a Tuesday Morning….

Today I have been reflecting on pain. What is it trying to tell us? What is it that needs healing?

It is not uncommon to describe an injured part of us ‘BAD’, particularly if the restriction has been with us for a long time. It gets the blame for stopping us from doing what we need to do, which often results in frustration, anger, upset and in chronic cases depression. We become unable to relate to ourselves as we are used to. Our capacity to ‘do’ even the most mundane actions, brushing our hair or putting the kettle on, can make us feel redundant and reliant on others. Being incapacitated in this way can set up belief patterns which make us feel ‘useless’ and ‘invisible’.

So what is our pain trying to show us? I often wonder how our injured arm, leg, shoulder, knee, back feels at being referred to as BAD? Surely this way of describing our wounded part, connotes something that is has done wrong? When in fact it has only been following the desires of the brain, both conscious and unconscious? When we describe was is not functioning well in us, as ‘BAD,’ do we in fact undermine our healing process by highlighting our imperfections, chastising them, creating a distortion in our understanding about ourselves, which in turn leaves us open and vulnerable.

When we don’t like what is happening to us, it is a natural reaction to want to push it away. Would we treat an injured animal or child with such disdain? Unlikely, so why are we so quick to ‘tell ourselves off’ and abandon ourselves?

So my question is…… How can we transform our understanding of what our wounded part is telling us? Maybe the answer is to look a little deeper? Yes, you may have been making the bed and twinged your back, but what was happening before, that made you blind to any tension that may have been building up in that area of your body? Did it give you any signs earlier in week, that you may have ignored? Did you just carry on regardless in blind distraction, with the expectation that your body SHOULD just work for you, despite all the stress and abuse it gets?

What is your pain trying to tell you? Could it be an invitation to slow down? To Stop? To rest? Is it indicating a need to change your routines or belief patterns? What do you do that harms you? What does it want us to know?

The attitude of a ‘BAD’ anything is negative and counter intuitive. I believe it is a deception which leads us away from an opportunity for healing, into Cul-de-sac of negative feeling and circular self- destructive patterns.

So when our bodies manifest a restriction, and it becomes what is ‘WRONG’ or ‘BAD’ with us, maybe, this is actually and opportunity for bringing wounds (some maybe buried for years) to the surface for healing. If we can transform our understanding of our pain, we can realize that nothing is ‘going wrong’. With this reassurance we have a choice to react  with an attitude of  loving kindness towards ourselves. Helping us to raise our  awareness, take control of our fear, increase our levels of self care, creating an opportunity for healing that is truly for our highest good.



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