Yoga-Bowen Day April 8th 2018

On Sunday Maxine and myself held our second Yoga-Bowen workshop at the

In this workshop we concentrated on building rotations. Exploring the possibility  of building movement in a slow incremental way, without straining or effort-ing.

Yoga-Bowen April 18 4

Together, we have developed a structure for the day that has been inspired by this idea of slowing down. The day consists of two sequence session in the morning and two in the afternoon. Each sequence ends with some Bowen , then the sequence is repeated. In this context I am not using Bowen as a therapeutic tool, more as a focus of inquiry. When bringing attention to a specific part of the body one can rest there and focus on what is happening. Through this practice, we notice that there is always more ease on a repetition, but are there other sensations in the body? A melting? an opening of the breath? A deepening into movement?

Yoga-Bowen April 18 2

Can we create an opportunity for greater awareness and ease of movement? At the end of each sequence we factor in some breath awareness techniques, asking questions about where the sensation of the breath is? How long/short is the breath? Can you trust the flow of the breath? are you effort-ing?

Yoga-Bowen April 18 3

Maxine and I often hang each workshop on a quote we find inspiring, for this workshop we had two……….

Happiness Now:  the Value of Going Slow

If happiness is our goal in yoga, awareness is the route we take.  Slowing down brings awareness to physical habits, breath patterns, emotional states and contributes to an understanding of the mind.  Conversely, if gaining awareness is our aim, then relaxation becomes a necessary foundation. Monica Voss


‘What we are doing is not quite learning a technique, not quite learning how to ‘do’ something. Rather we are readjusting the focal length, the direction, and the domain of our consciousness. Thus, we gradually arrive at an awareness that is actually in our bodies rather than in our heads. It’s not something you learn to do; it’s a way of learning how to be differently.’ Reggie Ray

Yoga-Bowen April 18 5

We design the workshop from the premise that we are all beginners. Finding our neutral place and exploring from there. The class was a really nice mix, attended by Yoga teachers, as well as those with their own practice and some who have never done yoga before. We both felt very supported by those who chose to spend their day with us, and as usual the feed back that was given was invaluable. These are some of the comments that were left.

“A great opportunity to combine learning, movement and rest”

“A great day. Maxine’s teaching is very clear and concise, lovely use of language. The Bowen was useful and helpful to the movements”

“Some of the Bowen moves were more apparent than others. No 1  and No 3    made the most difference when repeating the movements”

“Enjoyed the Bowen, felt more open in the joints afterwards”

” I like the combination of the Bowen and the Yoga very much”

“It made me aware of the small movements in my body. I found the repetition particularly useful. I noticed the Bowen made a real difference in the Ist and 4th session”

Yoga-Bowen April 18 1

Maxine and I  plan to do another workshop in October, so do get in touch with either of us if you are interested in attending, it would be lovely to have you there.




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