A Collaborative day of Bowen and Yoga, Date Change…..08.04.2018


Due to the positive feedback from our last Yoga/Bowen day, Maxine and I are pleased to be hosting another collaborative day of Bowen and Yoga at the Yoga Tree, All Saint’s Green, Norwich NR1 3NB, on April 8th 2018.

The day will follow the same structure, but we will introduce some new sequences, so if you haven’t attended before you won’t have missed anything, and for those who are returning, you can develop what you took away with you from the last session.

We have brought together our practices to devise a day of enquiry and opportunity to slow down and deepen awareness in your Yoga practice. Creating time to explore innate and learned patterns of movement, supported by Bowen Technique.

Our philosophy– There is no need to try and fix the body, but simply to bring awareness to what harms us or restricts natural movement, creating opportunity for change in the body.

The structure and slow pace we have created for the day encourages a gentle winding down from our everyday over stimulation. The focus of this workshop will be on calming and soothing the bodies systems through Yoga movements, breath awareness and subtle (optional) application of Bowen Technique.

Venue:  The Yoga Tree, All Saint’s Green, Norwich NR1 3NB

Date:  Sunday 8th April 2018

Time: 10.30am – 4.30pm

Cost: £45. Early bird rate: £40 (if booked before 8th March)

To book contact:  yogawithmaxine@outlook.com

Please wear loose comfortable clothing and either bring lunch with you or there are other options in the area.

For more information about Maxine or Natalie please go to…




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