“Better than a good nights sleep”

Jim, a regular client (who originally came for Bowen for rehabilitation after knee surgery), came into the clinic today feeling well. Often when a client is feeling well they will cancel their appointment. It is a common dilemma, but I say to my clients “come when you are well”. When the body is in a restful state and not in pain, it invites the perfect conditions for Bowen to be received, creating a deep, restorative treatment.

Image-221 (1)
Jim describes his Bowen treatments as “better than a good nights sleep”

On 28th of March, I listened to a webinar on chronic conditions by Alexia Munroe, it made me think about and question, what is happening in my body when I don’t have pain, how am aware of what is going on inside me, and where are my levels of self care? When I am in pain it brings me awareness of what needs attention. When I am NOT in pain, I am on ‘autopilot’.

So, when I am the state of ‘autopilot’ I notice that my levels of self care diminish. It is not a conscious act, but I am not responding to a ‘need ‘ which calls my attention. This is when I need Bowen. Having regular treatments, what ever condition I am in, creates the bridge for a mind- body connection. When I am well, the messages are clear. I use the information that I received in treatment to respond accordingly. I make the adjustments which could be, diet, exercise, rest, nature, silence, dancing, laughing………  etc etc.

Now I am awake to how I am.

Without this information I only THINK I know how I am. So,  I always encourage my clients to keep their Bowen appointments what ever state they are in. For me regular treatments help me to commit and increase my levels self-care…

The other useful quote Jim gave me today was “prevention is better than cure” wise words indeed.




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