Myofascial Length Testing and Postural Assesment

Myofascial length testing was developed by Donna F.Bajelis PT, SMS as a way to better understand the characteristics of the human fascia web that embodies us all.


  • Fascia. A sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue enveloping, separating and binding together muscles, organs and all structures of the body.

As a Bowen therapist I use a non diagnostic approach. Usually my clients come for treatment fully aware what is wrong with them. They either have a diagnosis from the Doctor or health care professional, but have come to a dead end (“you will just have to live with it”) as far as relieving pain or symptoms. They don’t need me to tell them what’s wrong, they know, they feel it in their body everyday. What they need me to do, is alleviate their pain and discomfort. I use myofascial testing in my clinic as a way to see precisely  where restriction is in the body, enabling me to treat with precision and accuracy, which gives great results and happy clients.

  • Below are a few examples (taken from my teacher Kelly Clancy, from the North West School of Structural Therapy of tests I may use  when dealing with a client with a pelvic imbalance that is presenting a leg length discrepancy (for example).
  • It is rare to see a true leg length discrepancy, so i am already thinking that it could be a soft tissue issue, but I will check….superficial+back+line+fascia+rehab+trainer+adelaide

To help me to discern what fascial plane the restriction is on I use these tests. My experience with pelvic imbalance leads me to want check to see if the client has a Superficial back line issue. (This could be the primary area of restriction?) If I spot any restriction in these lines, then I know where to treat.


Forward bend.                 Gastrocnemius.                  Hamstring.

A misaligned pelvis, sets up distortion in the body (remember the body is quick to compensate. If the integrity of the system is compromised, the whole system is compromised) if untreated, it can cause musculoskeletal breakdown, injury and pain .If the issue is chronic (longterm) It’s likely that this client will be suffering with neck and/or shoulder restriction too, so I will test upper body lines for restriction on their next treatment.

Myofascial testing is an integral part of my treatment, I can efficiently and quickly assess what is working well, and what dysfunctional in the body and treat accordingly.

For more information on how Bowen Technique can help with postural misalignment, or to book an appointment go to


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